Tips for Temple Run
Here are some tips on getting a better highscore. Follow these tips and you will quickly be able to buy power-ups and get a higher highscore.

Don't buy in the beginning any new characters, wings, boost or mega-boost. These upgrades do not help you much in the start.

Spend your money at the beginning only of power-ups. Especially Double value coins and Coin Magnet to earn get faster coins.

While you jump or slide, you can still go around the corner. Just with your finger left or right sliding.

As you get more objectives, you will also get a higher score. The objectives determine the multiplier (the number that multiplies your score that is).

It's better to jump over obstacles then slide under them, because you will be able to see other obstacles when your from above.

If you came here to find the PC version of this game then go to: here you can download the PC version.

Temple run

Temple Run (App for iOS and Android)
Temple Run is addicting free game to download for most smartphones. The game came fist out for iOS, now this game is also available for Android phones. Since the launch of this game it has gotten over 10 million downloads!

Aim of the game
In Temple Run is the goal that you escape from the demon monkeys xD. You have stolen an idol from the temple and therefore chased by these monkeys. While your flight you walk on the temple walls, wooden bridges and cliffs. There are all kinds of obstacles that you must avoid. This ranges from potholes to entire trees that have grown over your path. While avoiding these objects, its your goal to collect as many coins as possible. With these coins you can buy power-ups in the shop. The coins are an important part of your score. With more coins your score will be much higher.

The controls of Temple Run is very easy. By sliding your finger across the screen. When you slide your finger across the screen upwards, your character jumps. If you want to glide over the ground, you slide your finger downwards. Slide left or right to move to that direction. This is particularly necessary to collect coins, when you advance in Temple Run you must tilt your phone to not fall into the holes.

During the game there can randomly appear power-ups. These appear only after you have purchased them. Power-ups can be purchased in the store. There are 5 different types of power ups that all have different functions:

A mega coins is a powerup that lets you "boost" the number of coins earned. When you fist buy the power-up it cost 50 coins, with the ultimate powerup costing 250 coins.

Coin Magnet:
The coin magnet temporarily pulls all the coins where you walk. If you buy this powerup enough the coins you collect though this are doubled or even tripled!

Invisibility makes you temporarily invisible. During this time you can walk through obstacles. However, you should still go left and right, this powerup doesn't help for that.

Value Coins:
This power gives you a passive ability that makes all coins you collect to be more then normal.

While playing Temple Run you can buy utilities. These are temporary additional upgrades that can help you to get a higher score. These upgrades work only once.

Once you activate the wings, you may die once. Its like an extra live. you can activate this ulty twice.

If you use this, you will be boosted 1000 meters.

Mega Boost:
When you use the Mega boost you will be pushed 2500 meters! And collect all coins in the way. This upgrade is very expensive (10,000 coins).

The game can be played with different characters. These characters have no special properties and do not make it easier to get a higher score. The only difference is their appearance and the sounds they make. It is therefore important to first unlock all the power-ups before you start unlocking new characters.

The highscore of temple run by three variables calculated. First, the number of meters that is running. In addition, you get points for earning coins. And unlocked achievement increases your highscore.

check this video:(31 mil highscore!)

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