Tips for Temple Run
Here are some tips on getting a better highscore. Follow these tips and you will quickly be able to buy power-ups and get a higher highscore.

Don't buy in the beginning any new characters, wings, boost or mega-boost. These upgrades do not help you much in the start.

Spend your money at the beginning only of power-ups. Especially Double value coins and Coin Magnet to earn get faster coins.

While you jump or slide, you can still go around the corner. Just with your finger left or right sliding.

As you get more objectives, you will also get a higher score. The objectives determine the multiplier (the number that multiplies your score that is).

It's better to jump over obstacles then slide under them, because you will be able to see other obstacles when your from above.

If you came here to find the PC version of this game then go to: here you can download the PC version.

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